Quoted from Movie : BAND OF BROTHERS

Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson: The stories about Speirs are probably all bullshit anyway.
Ken Webb: Stories? What stories?
Frank Perconte: Well, supposedly, Speirs shot one of his own men for being drunk.
Ken Webb: You’re kidding. That’s unbelievable.
Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson: Yeah, and there’s another one about him giving cigarettes to twenty German POW’s before killing ’em.
Ken Webb: He shot twenty POW’s?
Frank Perconte: Well, actually, I heard it was more like thirty.
Ronald Spiers: [Speirs arrives] Christenson.
Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson: Lieutenant Speirs.
Ronald Spiers: I got the name right, didn’t I? Christenson?
Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson: Yes, sir.
Ronald Spiers: What are you men doing out here?
Sgt. Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson: We’re watching the line, sir.
Ronald Spiers: Well, keep up the good work. While you’re at it, you might want to reinforce your cover.
Frank Perconte: Oh… well actually, sir, Lieutenant Dike said not even to bother, that we’re only gonna be here one day.
Ronald Spiers: Lieutenant Dike said that, huh? Then forget what I said. Carry on.

Ronald Spiers: Oh, anyone care for a smoke?

Ronald Spiers: [to Webb] You?


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  1. Posted by egi on October 23, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    great movie.. kereeeen…


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